Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Welcome to Top Notch Swill. Top Notch Swill is a site which I hope will serve as an outlet for women to share their written work with the blogosphere and shine a light on their talents. Topic choices and the individual voice of the writers may vary greatly, but the common thread which will bind our writing is authenticity. I'm looking for women who will share themselves and their stories in honest, sometimes humorous, ways. It is my little dream for Top Notch Swill to become a haven for writers and wannabe writers where they can take chances and share their work while applauding and encouraging the work of another.

If you have a story/essay/anecdote you would like to submit for publication on Top Notch Swill, please email it to me at maillode@yahoo.com. It can be on any topic you choose, but my preference is that it comes from your heart and your life experience. It can even be a blog post which you would like to link to our site.

Thanks for visiting Top Notch Swill. I hope you enjoy it and that you'll come back...and bring a story with you!